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Ace! #1, Excellent! Top, Good! OK
Aggro Aggressive, ticked off, spoiling for a fight.
Aerial Ping-Pong Australian Rules Football
Agro Pissed off, angry - aggressive
Akubra Type [name] or brand of hat.
Alkie Alcoholic
Alice, the Alice Springs, a town in the Northern Territory of Australia
Amber fluid Beer
Amber Nectar Beer - booze - drink - fire water.
Ambo Ambulance/Ambulance Officer/Driver.
Ammo Ammunition
Anchors, hit the ... Brakes of a vehicle, to slow down or stop [pull up].
Ankle-biter Infant, baby or nipper.
Any tic of the clock Very soon
ANZAC Biscuit Main Ingredients: rolled oats and golden syrup.
A.N.Z.A.C. Australian & New Zealand Army Corps.
Apples She'll be, or It'll be - alright "OK"
Arse Buttocks, Bum, Butt, Rump
Arse Over Tit To fall over
Arvo The Afternoon
Aussie An Australian - native of down under.
Aussie Salute Using your hand to brush away the flies
Av-a-go-yer-mug Encouragement, [meaning] put more effort into it.


B & S - Ball Bachelor's & Spinster's Ball [Night out]
Baccy Tobacco [used for roll your own ciggies]
Back of Bourke Outback - Country town in northern New South Wales
Bad Case of the Trots The runs, diarrhoea
Bail Leave, depart, shot through, disappear, GO!
Banana-Benders Someone from Queensland (Queenslander)
Bangers Snags - sausages.
Barbie Barbecue or B.B.Q.
Barney Argument - fight - punch up.
Barra (Fish) Barramundi
Barrack Cheer loudly for your favourite team.
Bastard A term of endearment [You Bastard] or an illegitimate son of a bitch!
Bathers Swimsuit - trunks - togs or cossies.
Bathroom Usually contains a bath - shower & a toilet [toot]
Battler Someone struggling financially, against the odds, always had hard luck.
Bean counter An accountant
Beanie Woollen cap or hat, often with a pom/pom on top.
Beaut Beautiful - good - O.K. as in U-Beaut, great or fantastic.
Bee's Knees Tops, perfect, the best or the greatest
Berk An idiot or a fool.
Betcha As in ... I bet you! (wager)
Big bik-kies Lots of money or dough.
Big-Note Brag or boast about yourself.
Big Smoke Big city or town [eg: Sydney or Melbourne]
Bikey Motorbike or cycle rider.
Bik-kie Biscuit "it cost big bikkies" - means expensive.
Billabong Waterhole or place to drink.
Billy Tin or container used to boil water for tea, in the bush when camping.
Billy A receptacle used for smoking marijuana.
Bingle Car accident - crash - smash.
Bitzer Mongrel dog (bits of this & bits of that)
Boob Tube A strapless, boneless, shapeless brassiere made of a stretch fabric.
Brothel A mess - untidy !
Bities Biting insects - fly's mozzies - spiders etc.
Bitser Mongrel - mixed breed - rough.
Blackfella Aboriginal, original native of Australia
Black Stump Some where in the outback.
Bloke Man, fella, guy or male.
Bloody Oath Australian for that's certainly true
Blotto Drunk - full - pissed or tanked.
Blow-in Newcomer - just arrived.
Blow in the bag Police breathalyser test
Blowie Blow fly - pest.
Bludger Lazy person - someone who gets out of work.
Blue Argument - fight or punch up.
Blue Make a mistake
Bluey A redhead !
Bluey Traffic ticket.
Bluey Blue-Bottle or jellyfish
Bluey Australian Cattle Dog [Blue Heeler]
Bodgy Inferior quality - shit work
Bog in Start eating - attack the food with enthusiasm
Bogged Stuck in mud or sand (vehicle)
Boofhead Idiot - stupid.
Boomerang Aboriginal weapon, curved piece of wood
Bondi Cigar Brown-eyed mullet - turd, shit or crap
Bonza Great - U-Beaut - OK - Ripper
Bottle-o Man with Hessian bag - picking up empty beer bottles in the 50's/60's
Bottle Shop Liquor store.
Boogie Board Hybrid - a half-sized surf board
Boomer Large male kangaroo
Booze Bus Police vehicle used in Random Breath Testing
Boozer Local pub
Bored Shitless Very - very bored
Brass Razoo Usually - not worth anything [poor]
Brek-kie 1st meal of the day - breakfast.
Brick Shit House Built like: strong - solid
Brickie Bricklayer ... someone who works in the construction industry
Brizzie Brisbane - city in Queensland
Brown Eyed Mullet A turd in the sea
Brownnose A creep or crawler
Brumby A wild horse
Buckley's NO chance, no hope at all.
Buck's night Stag party (boy's only) last fling.
Budgie Smugglers Men's bathing costume [cosies] trunks
Bull Bar Bar - at the front of your vehicle to protect it against [impact] roo bar!
Bundy Time clock
Bundy Or ... rum from Bundaberg, Queensland
Bunch of Fives Fist - punch.
Bunyip Mythical Australian Outback Creature
Bush Outside the city (out back) - rough country.
Bushed Worn out - exhausted - buggered - stuffed - cactus
Bush Bashing Driving 4 wheel drive or bike through the bush
Burl Give it a go - try or attempt to do.
Bushed Tired - worn out.
Bushie A member of the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.
Bushman's Clock A kookaburra.
Bushranger Outlaw - robber - bandit or highway man.
Bush Telegraph Grape vine or by word-of-mouth.
Bush Tucker Food gathered (from nature) in the Australian outback.
Bushwacker Synonymous with bushranger
Bushwalking Hiking or walking in the bush for pleasure.
Bust a gut Work hard - all out effort
Buster A strong wind.
Buzz Off Get lost - leave - shoot through
B.Y.O. Polite way of saying - Bring Your Own drinks/food.


Cabbie Taxi driver
Cactus Finished - dead - not working or functioning properly ... stuffed
Cakehole Gob or Mouth.
Call it a day Knock off, finish up, stop work or finished
Call it Quits Finished - to break off a relationship or to stop trying
Cancer Stick A cigarette
Captain Cook To have a 'Look' (noun)
Carbie Shortened word for [vehicle] carburettor
Cark It Die [not working anymore] cease functioning
Cheerio Goodbye
Cheesed Off [adjective] angry, very annoyed, or just ... Pissed Off
Chemist A pharmacy or someone who makes up your scripts [medication]
Chew the Fat To have a conversation with someone or a chinwag.
Chewie Gum or chewy
Chin Wag To have a natter - a chat or conversation.
Chips Hot fried potato, called chippies, french fries
Chippie [chippy] A Carpenter
Chockie Chocolate
Chook Hen - bird - chicken - domestic fowl or even a female.
Chrissie Christmas season - Xmas!
Chuck Up To throw a short distance or Chuck up (be sick) vomit.
Chuck a Sickie A day off sick from work when you're perfectly healthy
Chuck a Spas Be angry - upset out of control.
Chuck a U-ie Make a U-turn, 180 degrees.
Chuck a Wobbly A fit of temper - spit the dummy
Chunder Be sick - vomit or throw up.
Clayton's Substitute, alternative, fake - the drink you have when your not drinking.
Cleanskin Cattle - not yet branded - ear marked or castrated
Click Equal to 1 kilometre
Clobber Meaning clothes or ... a king hit [punch] hit someone
Clucky Feeling broody or maternal [mother hen]
Coat Hanger Reference to the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Cobber Mate - friend - off sider OR partner.
Cockie Cockroach or Cockatoo (Australian bird)
Cockie Also an Australian farmer
Come a Gutser Bad mistake or have an accident
Compo Worker's Compensation pay (form of accident insurance)
Cooking with Gas Proceeding as expected or better, all OK!
Coo-ee A call used to find (locate) someone lost in the bush.
Cooee A long way off - far away
Corroboree Aboriginal dance festival
Cossie [Cozzie] Swimsuit - swimmers - trunks.
Couch Potato Someone who watches TV for long periods of time!
Counter Lunch Lunch at the pub
Crack a Fat A boner - get an erection or a stiffie.
Cranky Bad mood - angry
Crash Go to sleep - usually at someone else's place.
Cream [verb] Kill - defeat by a large margin
Crim Criminal - bad guy.
Croc Crocodile - nonsense, load of rubbish.
Crook To feel sick or to be a thief - also made bad.
Crown Jewels Balls - nuts - the testicles.
Cubby House Small, house in the garden used by children [kids]
Cuppa Cup of tea.
Cut Lunch Sandwiches [sanga]
Cut Snake Mad as a [cut snake] pissed off: very angry - upset.


Dag Idiot or unfashionable person, [a nerd].
Daks Men's and boy's trousers - pants [underdaks or underpants]
Damper Bread made from flour and water - usually in the bush.
Darkie To squeeze out a shit or a log.
Date Bum - bottom, arse. [Eg: get off your date]
Date Roll Roll of toilet paper.
Dead-Cert Definite - certain - positive.
Dead Horse Tomato sauce.
Dead Cert A certainty or a sure winner
Dead Ringer An exact copy, replica or likeness
Dead Set The truth, true or a fact.
Dero Homeless or a street person, abandoned by society a derelict.
Dial Face, mug or puss
Dickhead Idiot, stupid, fool [See "Nong or Dill" same meaning
Didgeridoo Aboriginal (hollowed log) musical instrument.
Digger Australian Soldier (Vet) mate.
Dill Idiot - someone not to smart.
Dimwit Drongo, Dill, Moron or a person of low intelligence.
Dingo An Australian wild dog - a coward.
Dinkie-Di Genuine - honest - the real thing.
Dinkum Real - honest or genuine [fair dinkum]
Dipstick An idiot or a real loser - twit!
Divvy Van Police [wagon] vehicle used for transporting [crims] criminals.
Doco Documentary
Dob in Inform on [someone] give up - shelf.
Dog Un-attractive Female - a bitch [ugly].
Dog's Balls Stands out like: obvious
Dogs Breakfast A real mess - crap!
Dog's Eye Meat pie
Dole Bludger Somebody on welfare [social assistance] when unjustified
Dollop A rough portion, lump, usually a think liquid consistency
Donger Male [sex organ] penis.
Donk An engine for a car or boat.
Doodle Penis - prick
Doona A bed spread or quilt, usually filled with feathers.
Down Under Reference to Australia being @ ... the bottom of the world!
Drongo A dope or a stupid person [dill] slow-witted, a fool.
Drum Information, tip-off, a person asking another a question?
Dud No good, a lemon, useless, doesn't work!
Duds Pants or trousers.
Duffer Cattle rustler or a silly person.
Dunny Referring to the old style outdoor un-sewered toilet, or 'WC' [Shit House]
Dutch Oven A large cast iron pot with a lid, used for cooking/baking over an open fire.
Dux Top of the class


Ear-bashing Non-stop chatter - talking to - dressing down - nagging.
Eating with the flies Eat alone - by yourself
Egg On Encourage/or persuade someone to do something they are not anxious to do.
Elbow Grease Implies hard work or effort [lots off]
Entree Starter or appetizer before the main course.
Esky Portable [keeping food/drink cool] insulated cooler.
Exercise Book School workbook.


Fag A cigarette, not a homosexual.
Fair Dinkum Good - honest - truthful.
Fairy Floss Cotton candy OR candy floss
Fair Crack of the Whip To give someone an equal opportunity/treatment.
Fair Go A chance - a break!
Fair Suck of the Sav Awe, disbelief
Fang - It Drive fast - put your foot down.
Fanny Vagina or pussy, in the US it means buttocks or bum.
Five Finger Discount Steal, shoplifting, store theft, knock off
Flake Shark's flesh (sold in fish & chips shops)
Flat out like a lizard drinking Busy, under pressure ... working hard
Flick To get rid of
Flog Physically abuse someone, to beat, to sell something
Fly Wire Flyscreen [gauze] covering a window or door.
Fossick Rummage or search for!
Fossick To Prospect for [EG] Opal's or Gold
Footie/footy Term for Australian Rules Football or Rugby League.
Fridge A refrigerator or ice box.
Fruit Loop Fool - Idiot - Goose
Full as a Boot Drunk - topped off - loaded - pissed - intoxicated.
Furphy Also spelt, furfie: a false or an unreliable rumour or a yarn. [bull shit]


Gabba Brisbane Cricket Ground - Wooloongabba
G'day Pronounced "Gidday" Australian Greeting - same as a hello.
Galah Noisy - rude person. (Australian bird)
Gander To have a look, a squiz, a peek
Garbo Garbageman [garbologist] refuse collector, bin-man - rubbish collector.
Give It A Burl To try it or ... have a go!
Gizmo Common name - when you can't remember what it's called.
Gobful To abuse, most times - justifiably!
Gobsmacked Shocked - surprised or astounded
Good-on-yer-mate Good for you - well done - congratulations.
Good Nick Good condition - OK - well preserved.
Good Oil The right or useful information, the truth.
Good On-ya Well done, good for you.
Goggie Egg Meaning an egg from a chook - or hen [fowl].
Greenie An - environmentalist.
Grog Alcohol - beer - piss - drink.
Grouse (adj. Meaning: great - terrific - very good [shit hot]
Grot To be dirty and or untidy.
Gurgler Plughole - down the drain and into the sewer.
Grundies Underwear - undies - boxer shorts.
Gutful of Piss Drunk, pissed, a snoot full.
Gyno Gynaecologist


Hair of the Dog Alcoholic drink taken to relieve a hangover.
Half Your Luck Congratulations - envy - a best wishes blessing.
Handbag A woman's purse - usually with a handle or strap
Handle Name - monitcor - beer glass with a handle
Hang On Wait a moment
Happy as a pig in mud Very happy, also happy as a pig in shit!
Hard Yakka Hard work - tough.
Heaps Plenty - a lot - piles - ton's.
Heart-starter First (alcoholic) drink of the day.
Heave To vomit - be sick - throw up.
His Nibs The boss, or the head of a group
Hoof Noun:- a foot.
Hoof It To walk, rather than take any sort of transport.
Hoon Hooligan - a lay about - a larrycan
Hoo-roo Leaving - Goodbye - see you later.
Hotel Pub - with or without food or accommodation (the local).


Icy Pole Ice block or popsicle
Idiot Box Tel-e [Television] TV - the Boob Tube ... also slang for a strapless, boneless & shapeless brassiere.
I Kid You Not I'm telling you the truth - ON THE UP & UP!
In the Altogether In the nude, in my birthday suit, nothing on
In the Shit Serious trouble


Jackaroo A Male station hand or stockman (a station - farm or grazing property)
Jelly A flavoured water based gelatin desert.
Jiffy A very short time EG: Back in a jiffy.
Jillaroo A Female station hand [ranch]
Joe Bloggs An average person in the street
Joey Baby Kangaroo [still in its mothers pouch].
Journo Journalist = Newspaper Man or Women.
Jug Electric kettle
Jumbuck A sheep


Kangaroo A large Australian marsupial
Kark it Die - pass on.
Kelpie Australian - Sheep or Cattle Dog
Kero Kerosene
Kick the Bucket To die, to push up daisies, keel over, go west, buy a farm... etc, etc, etc.
Kindie Kindergarten - day care - place that minds kids [children].
Kip To take a short sleep, a nap
Kiwi A - New Zealander
Knee High to a Grasshopper Usually referring to someone short [kids]
Knock To criticise or put down
Knock Back refusal (noun) refuse (transitive verb)
Knocker Somebody who criticises
Knuckle Sandwich Punch in the mouth


Lair Brash vulgar behaviour - flashily dresser.
Lamington Sponge cake cut into squares, and covered in chocolate and coconut.
Larrikin Someone who is always enjoying himself/herself, harmless prankster.
Lay By Buy something from a store & pay it off by instalments
Lead Foot Someone who drives fast
Legend Someone who excels, a champion/hero
Lend Of [having a] To take advantage of somebody's gullibility
Lino Linoleum - floor covering
Lippie/lippy Lipstick - lip colouring cosmetic.
Liquid Laugh Being Sick - vomit - chuck up - chunder - spew!
Lob in Drop in to see someone (usually unannounced)
Local Rag Regional or local newspaper
Lollipop Lady or Man The person who supervises kids at school crossings
Lolly Money - cash - doe - loot
Lolly Water A non alcoholic drink, soft drink.
Lollies Sweets - candy - confectionary.
London to a Brick Absolute certainty ... can't loose
Longneck 750ml bottle of beer in South Australia
Long Paddock Side of the road [public land] where live stock can graze during droughts.
Loo Toilet - WC - Shit House - Thunder Box
Lubra Adult - Female Aboriginal.
Lucky Country Nickname for Australia.
Lurk Illegal practice - a dodge - racket or a scam.


Macca's McDonald's ... fast food - chips/burgers & a shake - BIG 'M'
Make a Quid Earn a Dollar - Earn a crust - EG: How do you make a quid: What's your job?
Make Do Get by or cope with what you have
Malley Bull Very fit and strong [as fit as]
Mate Friend - partner - offsider - buddy - someone close to you.
Mate's Rates Discount, cheaper than usual for a "friend"
Manchester Household linen such as sheets & pillow cases
Matilda Swagman's swag/pack - bedding - sleeping bag or roll
Metho Methylated spirits - the homeless mans drink!!
Middy Glass of beer - 285 ml or 10oz. [NSW]
Milk Bar Usually the local/corner shop selling take away & other convenience food.
Milko Milkman [person] who delivers to your home.
Mob A group of people [family] or cattle [herd] ... of kangaroos!
Mollycoddle To fuss over or pamper
Mongrel A despicable person or mixed blooded dog.
Moolah Cash money.
Mossie, mozzie Mosquito - insect.
Mucking Around Playing around with no real purpose
Muddy Mud crabs.
Mug Gullible person or used as an - insult.
Mulga The outback - bush or scrub.
Mull Grass or weed (the kind you smoke)
Muster Round up [usually for branding/shipping] sheep or cattle.


Nasho National Service (compulsory military service)
Nappy Diaper!
Naughty Have sex or ... a screw
Never Never The Outback, Australia's bush or to put something on credit [lay by]
New Australian A migrant to Australia [an import].
Nick To knock off - steal [jail/goal] sleep nude
Nick Off Go away, get lost, buzz off, leave
Nipper Young baby/child or surf life saver.
No Worries Easy - No problems
No-Hoper Someone - who'll never do well, or get on in life.
Noodling Prospecting for opal's
Not the Full Quid Not intellectually bright - a few cards short of a full deck.
No Worries It's OK - everything's fine - jake - no problems
Noggin Your head - skull
Nong Idiot - stupid - not so bright - silly person.
Nose, on the... Smell, smelly, stinks, offensive, disagreeable, pongs
Nut Out Sort out - work out - plan
Nuddy .. In the Naked - starkers - nude


O.S. Over Sea's
Ocker Unsophisticated person [stereotyped uncultured Aussie male]
Off One's Face Pissed - tanked - drunk [extremely drunk]
Off the Beaten Track Away from the main stream of traffic, seldom used road/roads
Off Sider Helper or assistant - mate.
Old Cheese Mother or Mum.
Old Fell Penis - prick
Old Man Your Father, or Husband.
Old Woman Either your Mother or your Wife
Olds or Oldies Parents - Mum and Dad.
Op Shop Opportunity shop, thrift shop, place where second hand goods are sold
Open Slather Anything goes - a free-for-all.
On for Young and Old This is usually referring to a fight or an argument - involving everyone.
On the Nose Smells awful - on the bugle - stinks.
Outback Remote country - bush location.
Out in the Sticks In the bush, away from civilisation, or in a remote area
Outhouse The toilet was in it's own little "house" in the back yard [the dunny].
Oz Nick name for Australia
Ozzies Nick name for Australians


Pack a Wallop To punch someone with force. [king hit]
Paddock A field or meadow, usually on a farm.
Panel Beater An automobile [body work] repairer or repair shop
Pash Passionate kiss
Pav Pavlova: Australian Dessert - rich & creamy
Perve (noun & verb) Lustful gaze - looking at the opposite sex - voyeur.
Pester To bother or annoy someone.
Petrol Short for petroleum, gasoline or gas
Pictures Movies - flicks
Piece of Piss Easy, no worries
Pig's arse! Bull Shit - No Way - I don't agree.
Pinch To steal, [knock off] to arrest or even squeeze some one's skin.
Pink Slip Get the bullet - fired - the sack - your out of here!
Pint Large glass of beer - South Australia.
Piss Beer [a drink] but see what happes next [piss]
Piss Have a leak - urinate - relieve one's self, empty the bladder.
Plant Your Foot To drive faster, by putting your foot down harder on the accelerator.
Plate, bring a: Party or BBQ ... where everyone brings some sort of food.
Plodder Someone who's a slow worker, but who eventually gets the job done.
Plonk Cheap wine or any liquor - booze.
Pokies Poker machines - [gambling] slots or one armed bandits.
Polish Off To finish, or complete ... something!
Polly Politician's - a member of parliament.
Pom, Pommy, Pommie Englishman or a pommy bastard.
Pommy Shower Deodorant instead of soap & water.
Poof, Poofter, Pooftah Male homosexual.
Porkie Whopper - Lie - Untruth
Port Suitcase
Post Code Zip Code
Postie Mailman or Person who sorts and delivers the mail.
Pot Queensland & Victoria = 285 ml Beer Glass.
Pozzie Position - seat - spot.
Pram Baby carriage, short for perambulator
Prang An accident - crash, or bingle
Prawn Australian for - a shrimp.
Prezzy A gift or present.
Pub Short for Public House, or a hotel.
Puffed Winded - out of breath
Push Bike A bicycle


QANTAS Australia's national air carrier.
Quack A doctor, [GP] especially a bad one.
Quid Slang for Pound Note 1 Before Australia converted to decimal currency $1.00
Quid - make a: Earning a living
Quid - not the full: Low IQ.
Quilt A soft light blanket [or cover] for a bed


R.S.L Club Returned Services League-Social Club.
Rack Off Get lost - push off - go away.
Rag Local newspaper or a woman who sleeps around.
Rage Organised Party.
Ratbag Rogue - rascal - insult - obnoxious or untrustworthy person.
Rat-shit Sick - crook - bad - not so hot - off colour - sick as a dog.
Raw Prawn To bull shit.
Razoo A fictitious coin made from brass [term usually used to indicate someone has no money]
Reffo Refugee - not a local
Rego Vehicle [car/truck/caravan/trailer] registration
Rellies Relatives - family - relations.
Ridgy-didge Genuine - honest - original - straight - the real thing.
Ring In Substitute or impostor
Rip Snorter Top - Great - Fantastic
Ripper A reaction to good news ["U" beaut]
Road Train Semi - with with many trailers.
Roadie A beer you buy to take away with you
Rock Up To arrive or just turn up.
Rollie Cigarette's that you roll [make] yourself.
Ron Short for later on [as in] see you later on.
Roo Kangaroo - large Australian marsupial - big legs and tail.  [SKIPPY]
Roo Bar Bar fixed to the front of a vehicle to protect it against hitting kangaroos
Root Synonym for F*CK. A word not normally used in [mixed] company.
Ropeable Pissed off - angry - mad
Rort A fiddle. Cheating or defrauding the system.
Rotten Pissed - drunk - smashed
Round About A circular construction at a traffic intersection, to guide the traffic around.
Rouse About Someone who works in a shearing shed.
Rubber A pencil eraser or a condom
Rubbish (verb) To criticize, run down - belittle or make fun of.


Sack Bed "Hit the Sack" go to sleep!
Sack, to Get Fired - canned - get the bullet - terminate employment
Salvo Salvation Army Worker.
Sand Shoes More commonly known as sneakers, usually made from canvas.
Sanger A sandwich.
Sav Saveloy
Scallops Deep fried potato slices, and scallops are also small shellfish.
Scarce as Hen's Teeth Scarce or very rare
Schoolie Kids [teenagers] of school age or ... someone who has just graduated.
Schooner Queensland - large beer glass,  South Australia a medium beer glass.
Scorcher A very hot day
Scratchy Instant lottery ticket
Screamer Party lover; "two pot screamer" somebody who gets drunk on very little alcohol
Scrub Similar to bush [native vegetation] but with fewer and shorter trees.
Scrub Up What you look like when your dress up - ready to go out.
Scrubbers Cattle running in the wild - or rough females.
Seppo An American [septic tank] Yank
Septics Tanks Yanks - people from the USA
Servo Petrol station a place to buy petrol/gas
Shag On a Rock Stands Out: very obvious
Shark Biscuit Somebody very new to surfing
Sheep-Shagger A New Zealander
Sheila A woman - young female
She'll be All Right It will eventually be OK!
Shit House [noun] Toilet - dunny - out house - WC
Shonky Underhanded & dubious or low or of suspect quality
Shoot Through Leave - get out - disappear. [Piss off]
Shout Your turn to buy or purchase a round of drinks.
Shut Eye Get some sleep
Sickie Day off work with pay because of real or pretended illness.
Silly Buggers People that waste time - mess around - generally fools.
Singlet A sleeveless cotton undershirt.
Skippy An Australian or kangaroo.
Skint Flat broke, absolutely no money, busted.
Skite To brag or boast, about yourself.
Skull or Skol To drink a beer without taking a breath [one go]
Slab 24 bottles or cans of beer [a carton]
Slacker Someone who doesn't work or tries to get by with doing as little work as possible.
Sleep-out Veranda on the house - converted to a bedroom.
Slushy Drovers camp ... cook's assistant.
Smoko Work break - cup of tea / coffee or time for a cigarette.
Snag Sausage - meat minced and packed into a skin [BBQ] or a problem.
Snow Job A con job, misdirection from the truth or plain old Bull Shit.
Sook Cry baby - winger, soft, tame, inoffensive.
Spag bol Spaghetti Bolognese
Sparky Electrician - sparks
Spewing Being sick - upset or really mad.
Spiffy, pretty spiffy Dolled up - looking good - great
Spit the Dummy Get uncontrollably [very] upset at someone or something.
Spot On Perfect or exact
Spruiker Someone outside a night club [restaurant] trying to persuade people to enter
Sprung Caught doing something ...
Spunky Good-looking - hot - sexy or spirited.
Squizz Have a look - check it out.
Standover Man Usually gang-related, threatens people with physical violence.
Station Not where the trains stop - but a big farm or grazing property
Sticky-Beak Nosey person, someone who minds other peoples business.
Stoked Happy - pleased.
Strides Trousers or pants
Strine Australian English [Australian slang and pronunciation].
Strewth, struth An exclamation - expressing surprise or verification.
Storm-Stick Umbrella - brolly.
Stubbie - stubby A small short necked (375ml) bottle of beer.
Stubbies A brand name for a style of men's shorts
Stuffed Tired - worn out - run down
Stunned Mullet The look on someone's face, who has absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
Sunbake Sun bathe - getting a tan
Sucked-in Made a fool of - duped - conned - taken advantage of.
Sunnies Sun glasses - shades.
Surfers Someone who go surfing - usually more than they go to work!
Swag Rolled up bedding etc. carried by a swagman
Swaggie Swagman [see below]
Swagman Tramp, hobo - bum.
Sweets Dessert - after dinner or another word for lollies or candy.


T.A.B. Totalisator Agency Board - betting shop.
Ta / Tar Thanks or thank "U"
Tailgate To drive close to the vehicle in front of you.
Take Away ... Food you take home to eat, eg: Chinese or McDonalds  US Version = take out.
Tall Poppies Successful people.
Tally Ho A brand name for popular cigarette paper - roll or make for yourself.
Tart An offensive or derogatory word describing a woman.
Taxi Rank Taxi Stand - or cab rank [Sign where you wait in line for the next vacant taxi]
Tea Afternoon - Supper - dinner a liquid usually consumed by women
Tee-Up Organise something or to make an appointment.
Telly TV - television - the idiot box
The Gabba Cricket grounds at Wooloongabba in Brisbane.
Thingo Wadjamacallit, thingummy, whatsit
Thongs Rubber sandals - flip-flops (suitable for beach footwear).
Throw Up Vomit - be sick - chuck
Thunder Box Dunny, toot, toilet or WC.
Tickets, to have on oneself To have a high opinion of oneself
Tinnie A Can of beer or ... just lucky.
Tinny Small Aluminium Boat [runabout]
Toey On the move or restless.
Togs Swim suit, bathers or swimming costume.
Tomato Sauce Another name: for ketchup or catsup!
Top End Far North of Australia
Torch A flashlight
Trackie Dacks or track suit pants.
Troppo Crazy or insane.
Trough Lolly Perfumed disinfectant [cake] used in a men's urinal
Truckie A driver of large trucks [rigs]
True Blue Genuinely Australian - original, one of a kind, patriotic.
Tub Clean up - bath - wash or shower.
Tucker Food - eats - grub - nourishment.
Turps Turpentine, alcoholic drink or used for cleaning paint brushes.
Twit An idiot or a fool.
Two-up Gambling: throwing two coins in the air simultaneously (Heads or Tails)
Tyke Kid, small child, usually aged around 3 to 6 years old.


U-ee Usually an illegal 'U' turn.
Ugg Boots Australian Sheepskin Boots
Underground Mutton Rabbit.
Undies Underwear - underpants, briefs or jocks - clothing worn next to the skin.
Uni University
Unit Block of flats - condominium - apartment.
Up a Gum Tree Stranded or in difficulty.
Up Your-Self Inflated ego - big head - full of your own importance.
Ute Utility vehicle with tray, commonly know as a pick-up truck.


VB Victoria Bitter, a beer.
Vedgies Vegetables
Vee Dub Volkswagen Car
Veg Out Relax in front of the TV
Vegemite Made from an extract of brewers yeast, eaten on sandwiches and toast.
Vejjo Vegetarian
Vinnie's St. Vincent De Paul's Society (charity - thrift stores & hostels)


WACA Western Australian Cricket Association
Waggin School Playing truant - hookie - skip school.
Walkabout Walk in the Outback by Aborigines [lasting for an indefinite amount of time]
Walloper One who thrashes someone or just punches the shit out of them.
Waltzing Matilda Wander aimlessly in the bush, the unofficial Australian National Anthem.
Wally A person that keeps making mistakes.
Wanker One who masturbates or is full of themself, egotistical.
Water Hole The local pub or hotel
Weekend Warrior Army reservist
Westie Someone from Sydney's Western Suburbs
Wharfie Dock-or water front worker - cargo mover.
What-da-ya-know A phrase used to open a conversation.
Whinge - Whinger Belly ache - whine or complain incessantly.
White Ants Termites, small insects that eat wood.
White Pointer Topless (female) sunbathers [shark]
Willy Nilly Without thought or organisation.
Willy Willy A miniature whirl wind
Windscreen Windshield on a car or truck
Wineo Alcoholic - drunk.
Witchetty Grub White tree boring grubs, eaten raw or cooked by Aborigines.
Wobbly Excitable behaviour [pissed off]
Wog Flu or trivial illness - a bug [viral infection.
Wog A person of a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean origin a foreigner.
Wombat Somebody that eats, roots & leaves (see also root) a simple minded person.
Woop Woop A name for any small unimportant town or place
Wowser A straight-laced person or prude - a spoilsport.
Wuss A coward; nervous person or animal.


XXXX Four X - Brand of beer made in Queensland.


Yabber Chat - talk - conversation - to talk too much.
Yabbie or Yabby Small Australian - Fresh Water Crayfish.
Yack Get together for a talk
Yakka Work - eg: Hard Yakka
Yank An American.
Yarn A story, usually long, intriguing and entertaining.
Yobbo A - loutish or surly youth.
Yonks A real long period of time.
Your Shout It's your turn to buy [usually] a beer.


Zack Pre decimal currency - sixpence (5 cents)
Zebra Crossing A pedestrian crossing where the road is painted with white stripes on the black bitumen.
Zonked Exhausted - worn out - buggered.

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